HubShout SEM System Release Notes

Support Gadget Update

  • Andrew Reply

    Listening to our resellers' feedback helps us grow and improves our products and services for all of our partners. It's thanks to some feedback that we've found a fix for our support gadget.

    After submitting a support ticket, the system provides two bubbles -- one to direct the user to the newly created support task and one to direct the user to the home page, so that they can "see all of their open tasks."

    You may remember that we recently changed the dashboard so that the Home tab no longer has the Tasks Needing Review window, but the Agency Dashboard does.

    We've now updated the support gadget so that it directs users to the Agency Dashboard screen instead of the Home tab, allowing you to see your open tasks.

    03/05/18 at 04:49 PM (23302)