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Sidebar A Widget Issue

  • Member 8270 Reply

    I have a client website on theme 1209. Site has a text widget in "sidebar a" allowing to click to download a pdf. the pdf is in the media gallery. its working fine but i want to change the pdf. i have tried several times to copy and paste the "file url" where the current one exists, but i get an error message when i load the page. I should be using the file url, correct?

    any advice?

    thanks much!

    06/12/14 at 11:48 AM (14520)
  • Chris Reply

    Yes, you need the full URL of the file, whether it is in your site's media library or anywhere else on the web. The URL should start with http and end with .pdf

    To replace the current file:
    Goto WP-Admin >Appearance>Widgets
    Open Sidebar A
    There will be a Text widget with a title matching your PDF or White Paper widget
    Click the down arrow to open the widget's contents
    Find the old file's URL
    Replace everything between the opening and closing double quotes " (careful not to remove the " mark, before or after the URL)

    06/12/14 at 12:18 PM (14521)
  • Member 8270 Reply

    Thank you Chris. Got it working!

    06/16/14 at 05:02 AM (14525)