HubShout SEM System Release Notes

Service Plan Updates Effective March 1, 2016

  • Chad Reply

    We will be making changes to our service plans effective March 1, 2016. We are providing over 30 days notice so that you have a chance to notify your clients of these changes.
    SEO Plans

    • Business Quotes - Business Quote deliverables will be converted into articles. Business Quotes are currently defaulted to redirect to articles, so this should have minimal impact on current customers.

    • Press Releases - Press Release deliverables will be converted into articles. All PRWeb upgrade charges ($49 / month) will be removed after the 2/1 billing run.

    • Videos - Video deliverables will be converted into articles.

    • BETA Post to Client Twitter, Facebook and Google+ - We will no longer manually post onsite blogs to client Twitter, Facebook and Google+. This change will not impact sharing deliverables on category relevant Twitter accounts.

    The changes to the SEO plans are based on customer usage and our recent product survey. Many of our clients have already opted-out of Business Quotes and Press Releases because of the client contact requirements. Additionally, our resellers indicated that they want more effort put into more effective link building for SEO. The press and design team resources have been reallocated to expanding the Publishing Partner program.

    PPC Plans

    • Remarketing - We will be discontinuing the PPC Remarketing Only (Plan 1006) on March 1st. Clients will have the option of taking over management of the campaign themselves or converting to our PPC Starter service plan for $199.

    • PPC Platforms - We will no longer support Marchex B2B ads. We will only support Adwords, Facebook and Bing.

    • Landing Pages - We will no longer build landing pages for PPC clients. We recommend one of the great DIY options like Unbounce, Leadpages and Instapage.

    Social Plans

    • Social Media Plans - We will no longer accept new social media campaigns after February 29, 2016. All current social media accounts will be grandfathered into their current programs. All grandfathered plans will be sunset on June 30, 2016.

    The effective date for all of these changes is March 1, 2016. We will be updating the website and pricing documents in February.

    If you have any questions, please give your Account Manager a call or create a support ticket.

    01/27/16 at 04:54 PM (21746)
  • Member 21089 Reply

    This may well simplify a number of systems, processes now in place. Seems courageous and customer need driven. Bravo

    01/28/16 at 08:29 AM (21749)
  • Adam Reply

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Making changes is always hard as there is always someone who has a customer who likes a specific thing. We hate to disappoint anyone. But as always, we are trying to serve the greatest number of resellers possible and be the best SEO reseller in the world. To do that, your feedback is really important - and we are grateful to have such great communication with our reseller community. The recent survey, as well as our termination surveys are very clear on what you want us to do (make rankings more effective). And we are taking steps to be more focused, by also removing those aspects of our service that you have identified as less desirable (such as end-client contact).

    Thanks again for all the feedback.

    01/28/16 at 08:48 AM (21750)
  • Megan Reply

    Great to see some service changes so that we can focus on what we do best!

    01/28/16 at 12:00 PM (21761)
  • Member 17907 Reply

    I'm a bit disappointed about the changes to the business quotes and press releases. I understand that some may think these "end-client contact" tasks are undesirable ( I may have thought so myself in the beginning) but I think the tasks are a main key in keeping a client engaged by your team so that us resellers can concentrate on other things while making the client feel like they are getting some extra value with a monthly one on one. And this is also a problem because I have these as a client deliverable in my agreement and some clients have gotten very good feedback from their existing customers that came across their PR's on the web.

    02/01/16 at 10:04 PM (21825)
    • Adam Reply

      Hi 17907

      We hear you. And thanks very much for your feedback. It is reseller engagement like this that has made us so strong for the last 8 years.

      As Chad said above, we have been listening intensely to the needs of our community. We've done multiple surveys: A) Termination surveys whenever an end-client discontinues and most recently B) A Dashboard Redesign survey. In all cases, the group has been very clear that they want more effort toward SEO results as their # 1 priority.

      Additionally, we have been watching the percentage of campaigns that actually use the PR and Business Quote service. It is very small, and shrinking.

      Again - I greatly appreciate your feedback. We felt the same way (which is why we put all the money into building the product in the first place), but it is not what the community wants.

      As for your contracts. Give us a call. We will point you toward another service to help you fulfill any commitments you have.

      02/02/16 at 07:16 AM (21826)
  • Chad Reply

    Hi all. We had a number of resellers ask that we update the service plan descriptions in the dashboard in advance of the 3/1 effective date for the new plans. The new service descriptions are now live in the dashboard. This means that any new proposals created in the dashboard will show the 3/1 deliverables.

    Please join our webinar on Thursday to learn more about the service plan updates.

    02/08/16 at 10:13 PM (21886)