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Sales Tab Feature Request

  • Eric R Reply

    Hey Guys,

    I have a feature request that I would like to see, and would like to hear if anyone else has interest in this...

    In the sales tab, I (and another client) would like a way to export phone calls & leads to excel or another spreadsheet program. Right now the only way to do it is a copy & paste method, and if there was a button that could easily export calls & leads it would be a great time saver.

    Thoughts on this?

    11/15/12 at 09:55 AM (3941)
  • Chris B. Reply

    Great idea - make sense. They should really have this option.

    11/15/12 at 10:04 AM (3942)
  • Eric R Reply

    I would like the ability to analyze data with more ease. Just think, for a PPC campaign if you could export the data to excel you could see what percentage of leads came from X location. By knowing that, you can set more targeted ads to a specific location and spend your budget in a more effective fashion. Adwords can show web form conversions, but if we could have a more streamline way to drill down phone tracking data, I think there would be a benefit for it.

    11/15/12 at 10:07 AM (3943)
  • Chris B. Reply

    It would great if the system mapped this out for a visual representation. I like the idea of the system aiding in more analysis.

    11/15/12 at 10:16 AM (3944)