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Sales Proposal Tool feature request

  • Keith S. Reply

    Great to hear Adam! Printable (word and PDF) would be awesome.

    I'll stop bumping threads now ;)

    12/23/13 at 06:24 PM (12307)
  • Jamie B Reply

    I know this is an old request, but since my mind works like a rusty mousetrap, I remembered seeing it. Came across this great tool a couple days ago:


    09/16/14 at 05:12 PM (15302)
  • Member 28439 Reply

    Is this feature live yet?? I'm having trouble preparing two or more proposals (depending on how many keywords the client chooses to optimize for) and having them ready so we can Activate the right proposal at a moments notice, and hopefully when I'm still on the phone with the client to close the sale.

    07/10/17 at 02:51 PM (23281)
    • Adam Reply

      Hi there.

      There actually is an experiment in our Agile / Lean Start-Up board for a printable PDF right now... I believe it is scheduled to start this week... Meaning - there will be something in the next few weeks on this.

      You are welcome to join our beta team as we do continuous deployment.

      07/10/17 at 05:41 PM (23282)