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Sales Proposal Tool feature request

  • Matt Reply

    I am not sure if this is considered tacky...but we could make them walk the plank if they ask for PDF.

    - Arrrgghh me hearties !

    10/29/12 at 10:42 AM (3658)
  • Jenna Reply

    hey everyone, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Online Proposal Tool - Part 2 webinar has been rescheduled! It will now be on November 8, 3pm EDT. See you there! Register!

    10/29/12 at 11:52 AM (3665)
  • Terrance Reply

    [quote]Chris B. said: If they're not willing to log in then they're probably unlikely to purchase a digital service. =/


    I have to agree with Chris here. I think that they/we are targeting the right people for the work if they don't mind logging in to view a proposal that is about their "digital" marketing campaign that they would like to run. But you also have those old school/new schoolers who are about the web but want something they can put their hands on and look over while having a fine brandy or scotch.

    10/29/12 at 12:35 PM (3671)
  • Terrance Reply

    My Reseller has requested an option to make a custom service plans.
    Also on the proposal there is only an option for monthly plans but for example a website is only a one time charge. It makes the reseller have to explain what the actual pricing is to their clients. Is there a way to edit that??

    Has anyone else noticed that if you select a plan that it gets selected twice? Myself and many of my resellers have had this issue.

    10/30/12 at 02:11 PM (3695)
  • Jenna Reply

    For everyone who loves the online sales proposal tool and wants to become better at using it, don't forget to register for the proposal tool webinar this coming Thursday, Nov 8!

    11/01/12 at 05:55 PM (3731)
  • Jenna Reply

    for all your online proposal tool questions answered, come to the webinar today at 3PM EST!

    11/08/12 at 11:41 AM (3813)
  • Carissa Reply

    Another thought on an update for the proposal tool-allowing multiple options within one proposal or the ability to copy from a previous proposal. I am trying two present a few options to a client; this would be really handy so i don't have to redo the competitive analysis every time and pick the same keywords.

    11/14/12 at 04:21 PM (3934)
  • Adam Reply

    I thought you could do this today with the COPY button?

    11/14/12 at 04:26 PM (3935)
  • Carissa Reply

    brilliant!! yes, that seems to be the button! I think I have been staring at the computer for too long today! ;-) haha thank Adam!

    11/14/12 at 05:31 PM (3937)
  • Member 5258 Reply

    I would like this! [quote]Kyle said: Hey Adam,

    Maybe I missed this, but is it possible to export a proposal so our Resellers can print it out? Some common feedback I'm getting is that it's a great tool, but is limited to sharing through URLs and html codes. Is there a way to make a hard copy proposal with our tool?


    12/13/12 at 02:47 AM (4351)