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Sales Proposal Tool feature request

  • Brian J. Wilhelm Reply

    I agree with Adam, I really enjoy the savings associated with not having to print everything out. It's one reason that I bring my tablet on appointments. I think our clients appreciate that we are using technology when we are consulting on why they need to use it as well. That being said, It would really help a lot to have "email" as a separate tab in the proposal tool. Its a product we offer but have to write a separate proposal for. An "other" tab would be helpful as well for those of us who have additional products like direct mail service. It could just be a blank template. That way we could use the Hubshout proposal tool for every client, every time. This will help us to deepen our relationship with our clients, showcasing our use of tech across all channels.

    10/22/12 at 10:45 AM (3514)