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Overcoming {not provided} in Google Analytics

  • Eric R Reply

    Hey All,

    I thought this might be of some use to many people here. It's a decent article on some ways to overcome the dreaded {not provided} label in your Google Analytics search query report.

    Overcoming Not Provided Keywords Article

    Spoiler Alert! There's no easy fix to this. You have to use your noggin and become a quasi-sherlock holmes. By taking what you know about other website data, you can make an educated hypothesis to what those {not provided} keywords actually are.

    Anyone else have some good ways to overcome the {not provided} keyword label?

    11/07/12 at 03:15 PM (3795)
  • Chad Reply

    I've thought about using this forumula:
    keyword[1] + (keyword[not provided] * (keyword[1] / (sum(All Keywords)-keyword[not provided])))

    11/07/12 at 03:34 PM (3797)
  • Chad Reply

    Geeky joke... but basically use the weighted average of each provided keyword to determine which percent of not provided it is likely to account for.

    11/07/12 at 03:36 PM (3798)
  • Adam Reply

    Yes, that's the best we can do until the government steps in and tells Google they are playing fair with their monopolistic powers.

    But there is one problem with the equation above. It assumes that the distribution of NOT PROVIDED traffic will be the same as the rest. The reality is that the people who are logged into Google (the NOT PROVIDED people) are probably more tech-savvy, and use more technology-focused keywords in their search,

    I still think we should build this feature, but we need to recognize it won't be perfect.

    11/08/12 at 08:43 AM (3805)
  • Chad Reply

    Right... the other place to watch is the search query data that Google is pushing to Google Analytics when you link it to Webmaster Tools. I did a quick comparison and the data they reported was about the same as the total organic - not provided... so not too useful.

    11/08/12 at 09:07 AM (3806)