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Ongoing Local SEO in a not so local area.

  • Carissa Reply

    I have been getting a lot of calls from resellers Down Under and they are all dying to know when we might be starting Local SEO in their country!

    I spoke with one of our long term local analysts and he said that it's not something we currently offer and that there would be a lot of things we would have to do to do in order to branch out. I was able to acquire a list of the top 10 local SEO sites in Australia. What would be the next step, if any to begin branching out with our Ongoing Local SEO plan? Is this in the future, what countries would be ideal to start with? I see that there is a lot of potential revenue out there for this!

    Let me know your thoughts; is this something other people are interested in?!

    10/17/12 at 05:48 PM
  • Nick Reply

    I'm still getting our material together to start selling hubshout services, but am based in Australia. Talking more generally, the unknown as to what services you guys really offer here does bother me. It starts when you signup and realise that putting your address in there's not even an option to live outside the US.

    I actually had no idea Local wasn't an option here so add that to the list. The concern to me is I go out and start selling, and end up selling something that isn't offered, or worse, will not perform as well.

    We will no doubt put a couple clients on to test, but lack of an official commitment to the region
    will ultimately decide if we roll hubshout into our core offerings.

    10/17/12 at 09:21 PM
  • Member 4053 Reply

    I'm based in the UK and there would be great interest for Local SEO and that would mean additional revenue stream for HubShout too. Thanks

    10/18/12 at 02:37 AM
  • Josh Reply

    I would be interested to see how this would work. The majority of resellers I've talked to outside of the US have inquired about this as well.

    10/18/12 at 11:00 AM
  • Carissa Reply

    Nick-for now the only service not offered outside of the US is Local SEO. We have a lot of resellers in Australia as well as UK and other countries that have been using HubShout with much success! It's just figuring out the logistics of how we can get started with working with the Local sites in each country.

    10/18/12 at 01:18 PM
  • Nick Reply

    Thanks Carissa,

    Should phone tracking not be added to that list? I've been after that desperately but unless I missed that it not available here yet?

    10/18/12 at 01:27 PM
  • Terrance Reply

    We are working hard to complete the local here in the U.S. so we can then focus our efforts to the outside areas of the U.S. Trust me we want to be able to build the local plan to outside the U.S. but we also don't want to give you an unfinished product we want to finish anything that could possibly go wrong in the local here before we test the market elsewhere, I hope you all understand that.

    As for Phone tracking we use Twillio who has not yet integrated Australia which I'm hoping will happen by 2013 for phone tracking in that country.

    10/18/12 at 04:37 PM
  • Nick Reply

    Hi Terrance,

    I was just looking into alternatives for phone tracking in Australia, and it seems Twilio have now added Australia, so with that in mind, any chance of getting Australia added soon?


    01/17/13 at 01:55 AM (4834)
  • Terrance Reply

    Nick I will look into this I am sorry that i am just seeing this now but If twillio supports it I can bring it up to the big wigs to see what we have to do to get that implemented

    01/31/13 at 12:34 AM (5062)
  • Carissa Reply

    I wanted to get the conversations going again for Local SEO outside of the US. I am hoping this is something we will be addressing this quarter. Please feel free to chime in with thoughts on how many of our reseller would benefit from this!

    01/31/13 at 09:15 AM (5063)