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"Not Provided" Continues to Grow

  • Renee Reply

    It's been a year since "not provided" began frustrating analysts. It's impacting more results than originally predicted by Google.

    Danny Sullivan:
    "If Google’s withholding were an eclipse, more than half the sun is being covered. 'Dark Google' is upon us, and it will only grow darker."
    Dark Google: One Year Since Search Terms Went “Not Provided”

    10/19/12 at 01:41 PM
  • Adam M Reply

    Uh oh. This is not good at all!!

    10/19/12 at 01:47 PM
  • Adam Reply

    Go Danny!

    [quote] I find it one of the most disturbing and hypocritical things the company has ever done.[/quote]

    10/19/12 at 01:52 PM
  • Chris B. Reply

    Wonderful - I understand they don't want people gaming the system but businesses need to know how people are finding them. I sure hope Bing gains more market share. Speaking of which, has anyone taken the Bing Challenge yet?

    10/19/12 at 02:27 PM
  • Chad F Reply

    Just took the Bing Challenge, looks like I picked Google 4/5 times.

    10/19/12 at 02:38 PM
  • Chris B. Reply

    I've taken it a few times and tied every time. Know two other people who've taken it and they preferred Bings results... interesting!

    10/19/12 at 02:40 PM
  • Adam M Reply

    Took it now:


    10/19/12 at 02:40 PM
  • Eric R Reply

    You should probably resize that picture, lol

    10/19/12 at 02:42 PM
  • Chad F Reply

    So how old is Betty White?

    10/19/12 at 02:42 PM
  • Adam M Reply

    I effing hate photobucket. I am part of their beta test team for the new release and it is HORRIBLE. I have resized it 4 times and every single time I post it, it's this big.

    Working on it

    10/19/12 at 02:43 PM