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New Sales Lead Notification Questions

  • Matt Reply


    1) My IT guy is testing the webform code. I filled out the webform but where do I go into my account to see the lead. Do you have to turn on the Sales feature in my account too. If so please do that for me. One question my IT guy had was what does the Account Name field mean in your system.

    2) Also the hidden fields below I am assuming is unique to each account (e.g Rapid, Florida Oxygen etc. etc.) so I will need each of the Camp ID's to create the forms. Additionally, please provide me with what the other hidden fields mean and if they change per account.

    3)Lastly, as my IT guy has a tech question as we are integrating this who should we speak to? As you can tell, we are moving fast on this.

    05/25/12 at 11:32 AM
  • Matt Reply

    Answers for

    1) You need to go into the sales tab, then look at the right side nav options and pick the "leads" tab.

    2) There is a unique java script that tells the lead to populate into the correct campaign. That code is located in the Sales tab then select "Set up" from the right side nav options. The you will need to select the "lead form" tab.

    I will have Adam Stetzer address the hidden field part of teh question

    3) You can speak to your account manager, but a great way to get quick answers from a lot of our "techies" is to post it right in this forum thread. We monitor these posts closely.

    05/25/12 at 11:40 AM
  • Adam Reply

    YES. The JavaScript is required.

    05/29/12 at 08:32 AM
  • Adam Reply

    Matt, please send him the full wiki page because it defines all the fields.

    05/29/12 at 08:33 AM
  • Matt Reply

    Will do

    05/29/12 at 08:42 AM