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New AdWords Interface Enhancements

  • Renee Reply

    AdWords is rolling out some interface enhancements, the most recent being:

    1.) Keyword column/trigger keywords

    2.) Campaign diagnostics to help alert you of potential errors or conflicts

    For a full list of recent enhancements, take a peek at the Adwords blog post on Google:
    Helping you be more productive with the AdWords interface

    Search Engine Land piece:
    AdWords Adds Reporting On Trigger Keywords, Amid Other Interface Changes

    11/26/12 at 11:29 AM (4062)
  • Chad Reply

    Eric mentioned the keyword column last week. I believe our ppc team is already putting it to use but it does bring up an interesting trend. A few years ago, Google was focused on new adwords subscriber growth. They have been rolling out a number of features to make current advertisers spend their budgets more efficiently. They better... those CPC's keep going up.

    11/26/12 at 11:36 AM (4063)