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My Client Wiped Off Google Overnight... Please Help!!!

  • Rosewood Reply

    Hi Guys,

    Not feeling very good right now...

    Last Wednesday my clients site was wiped out.

    The site went from being ranked on page 1 of for 36 major keywords nationally to not even showing up on the first 3 pages for their company name.

    When you search their company name they appear on page 4, listed 8 times.

    They are nowhere for their main terms - as a result the phone stopped ringing for new enquiries overnight.

    No 'Pro-Active' SEO has been done for 12 months.

    Just daily updates to the site, regular quality posts to the stand-alone blog and usual updates on Social.

    No messages in Webmaster Tools.

    Does anyone have an Emergency Plan or ideas about what I can do to try and get this site back?

    Thank you in advance.


    PS. If I mention the URL will it get picked up in Search here or by Google Alerts, need to keep this conversation private.

    11/27/12 at 06:36 AM (4073)
  • Adam Reply

    Wow. No fun!

    An with no link building? How odd in deed.

    I think we used to have a great flow chart from SEOMoz for "What to do if you think you've been penalized." Let me look for it.

    The most obvious question is: Malware? I have plenty of sites (especially WordPress) get infected with a little bugger and I didn't even know it. Sometimes they set up phishing pages deep in the structure that you are not likely to find... Any signs that the site has been hacked? Any unusual javascript lurking around?

    11/27/12 at 08:03 AM (4074)
  • Rosewood Reply

    It's a CMS system from a company called Site Wizard, I will check to see if Malware could get into that.

    A similar thing happened around this time last year, and the site was down for 6 weeks, we put that down to a Server Error because there was a definite dip in crawling stats, and Site Wizard moved us to a different server at the same time because they said the server was coming to the end of its life.

    Before the last penalty, we were submitting articles online, approx. 60 per month for about 12 months, on different subject, linking to different pages.

    We wondered if that was the problem and we were just about to start pruning the links when the site came back as fast as it went.

    Since then we have been adding quality content on a daily basis and we have not pro-actively sought 1 single link.

    11/27/12 at 09:13 AM (4076)
  • Rosewood Reply

    PS. The SEOMoz guide would be helpful if you can find it please.

    11/27/12 at 09:14 AM (4077)
  • Adam Reply

    Try this one

    11/27/12 at 09:20 AM (4078)
  • Chris Reply

    WordPress is far and away the most used CMS these days. Which makes it the number one target for Malware hackers. We have seen a few sites go down because of this. There is usually some form of warning. Either via webmaster tools, or browser warnings.

    The good news about Malware hacks is that its not too difficult to get reinstated by Google. They understand that it wasn't the site owner and use the de-listing as more of a wake up call to keep your site secure.

    11/27/12 at 09:41 AM (4079)
  • Chris Reply

    oops, a little late. I see that it is Site Wizard.

    11/27/12 at 09:43 AM (4081)
  • Rosewood Reply

    Yes Chris, this one's not Wordpress and there are no warnings in Webmaster Tools, just went through the Whiteboard Friday Video and as all the keywords across the board have been hit it certainly looks like a Ranking Penalty. The same thing happened 12 months ago, and it lasted 6 weeks. NO SEO Since, and we are are very careful with our updates.

    11/27/12 at 09:51 AM (4082)
  • Adam Reply

    Why no SEO in 12 months? Whenever I've had a problem (which has been rare) I usually correct it with appropriate content marketing and careful link building from credible sources... That has always brought the rankings back...

    IMHO - Doing nothing is admitting defeat, and guarantees that you won't come back. :-)

    11/27/12 at 09:55 AM (4084)
  • Rosewood Reply

    Adam, when the site last went down we had a list of things to sort out, narrow content pages, duplicate on site content, a bunch or sitewide links coming from elsewhere and we did all that, then the site came back, and it has been soild ever since, traffic growing steadily, adding lots of great content, creating social buzz etc. When I said No SEO, I meant we have not gone looking for links, we have just updated site and separate blog.

    11/27/12 at 10:02 AM (4085)