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More on Mobile Search -- Mobile SEO Myths

  • Renee Reply

    I thought I'd add more to the discussion about mobile SEO. Today, Search Engine Land featured an article by Bryson Meunier (who writes regularly about mobile search) on some common myths about mobile SEO. He says he's seeing mobile SEO on too many “let’s stop talking about this next year” lists for 2013 and he thinks that's a huge mistake.

    Search Engine Land:

    Mobile SEO Is Not A Myth: 8 Popular Claims Refuted

    Myth #1:

    Mobile Search Behavior The Same As Desktop/Tablet/Laptop

    Myth #2:

    Mobile Search Results The Same As Desktop/Tablet/Laptop

    Myth #3:

    Mobile Searchers Don’t Use Mobile Search Results

    Myth #4:

    Buzzword That No One Understands

    Myth #5:

    Mobile SEO Is Actually Local SEO

    Myth #6:

    Mobile SEO Is Just SEO For Mobile Searchers

    Myth #7:

    Building A Site That Works Well On Multiple Devices Preferable To Optimizing Mobile Site

    Myth #8:

    No Additional Linking Opportunities In Mobile SEO

    12/10/12 at 02:01 PM (4309)
  • Dave Reply

    One of the interesting things that Google presented us with is that the behavior on mobile tends to also be influenced by other media very much so.

    The correlation between TV Ads and site traffic (for the advertiser) tends to show a huge amount of mobile traffic during and right after an ad over traditional traffic. What does this show you about Mobile behavior?

    People are able to actually grab more information about a product right from their sofa with mobile devices and are doing so!

    12/10/12 at 04:04 PM (4314)