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Making Sure Your Videos Don't Get Lost in the Interwebs

  • Renee Reply

    Our focus this month is onsite SEO and how those onpage factors complement your other marketing efforts. One great venue for onsite content -- videos! Adam and Chad have been doing their own video series on various industry topics for a while now. It may look like they are just having some lunch time chats, but they start by researching issues that people are seeking information about (either through our own customer feedback or industry research).

    Videos are another great venue for providing quality, useful content. But like other content, you need to do some things for that content to have a chance at reaching the intended audience.

    Search Engine Watch:

    12 Valuable Tips for Video SEO Beginners

    01/09/13 at 11:18 AM (4617)
  • Brian Long Reply

    Great share! I think friendly "Beginner" guides/tips like this will help more people in the industry feel comfortable and become more productive.

    01/09/13 at 12:41 PM (4622)