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Local SEO outside of the US

  • Roger Reply

    How will the new packages affect non-american resellers? I've heard there were issues before on the local seo, so now I'm curious to know has this been addressed and how?

    I operate out of Canada, but I have clients here, Mexico, US and in Europe. I'd love to know if anything is being done to support them or not.

    Also is there any effort going into adding multiple languages for SEO?

    You may think, well most of your clients are English speaking, but in Canada if you operate nationally 30% of the market is French first, so it's not something without immediate merit.


    05/31/13 at 03:58 PM (7571)
  • Eric R Reply

    I'll let Adam/Chad chime in on the language part of the question, since i'm not completely sure on that.

    As for the Local listings, there are a lot of variables that change once you look at what creates a more complete business profile outside of the US. One example of this is Yahoo Local in Canada. Yahoo is using a 3rd party provider ( to collect/manage data. So to get on Yahoo Local in Canada, you must first submit your information to YellowPages. There are a lot of subtle changes that we would need to find a streamlined method for; Yahoo was just one that I was looking at a few minutes ago.

    For the time being, our Local SEO packages are mainly geared towards US businesses. If you have specific questions about this be sure to talk to your account manager.

    05/31/13 at 05:38 PM (7585)
  • AdamUK Reply

    I thought you guys also managed local SEO targeting the UK because there is an option when setting up an account to choose reporting from Is this correct?

    05/31/13 at 07:03 PM (7592)
  • spryfuse Reply

    Being from Canada and serving mostly Canadian clients, in the past I was told that the local seo plans were not available to me. Something to do with not being able to create citations from the US for Canadian properties. Now that the local seo is baked into the smaller plans, how will this work for Canadian resellers?

    06/01/13 at 08:47 AM (7604)
  • Roger Reply

    @Spryfuse, this is exactly what I'm thinking now. Did they just make it much harder for us to sell SEO in Canada?

    06/01/13 at 03:18 PM (7605)
  • spryfuse Reply

    Well maybe not directly harder but by now being more expensive with little extra benefit to Canadian businesses, it will make it harder to sell.

    06/01/13 at 03:22 PM (7607)
  • Roger Reply

    Thanks for clarifying, yes that's what I meant too ;)

    06/01/13 at 03:32 PM (7609)
  • Member 7333 Reply

    That's unfortunate. We're CA based as well, we've found other limitations due to being CA such as the CRM not being functional because you can't enter canadian addresses.

    06/03/13 at 11:52 AM (7650)
  • Roger Reply

    Hi Adam

    There should be a list of items we Canucks and other internationals should be made aware of A) before we by and B) so we don't learn through cocking up a sale or looking silly e.g. the canadian addresses thing.

    Can we get something like that? Or those webinars I suggested talking to us international folks.

    06/03/13 at 11:56 AM (7652)
  • Member 7333 Reply

    I agree. It would be great so we don't sell something we can't deliver. For example the CRM I sold a client on it then found out it isn't usable because we can't properly enter the data.

    06/03/13 at 11:59 AM (7654)