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Keyword Level Phone Tracking

  • Kyle Reply

    Does hubshout provide the capability of dynamic phone number tracking to the keyword level?

    05/10/12 at 11:41 AM
  • Lisa Reply

    Phone tracking can be set to the ad group level, since tracking is placed in the destination url of the ads. You can put as many, or as few keywords as you like in an ad group. Creating highly targeted ad groups can help identify where your calls are coming from.

    05/10/12 at 11:53 AM
  • Chad Reply

    Good answer Lisa. If you are using Adwords, you can even add a destination url to each keyword which would allow keyword tracking for every keyword but usually we accomplish that with the approach that Lisa is talking about.

    As for SEO, with the change the Google made back in November (where they now show "not provided" as the keyword for people who are logged in), you cannot really show different tracking numbers for each keyword.

    05/10/12 at 11:57 AM
  • Larry Reply

    Hi Lisa - What exactly do you mean there. Now that the phone tracking is sorted for my region - can I do phone tracking at the keyword level for my client aswell as tracking it in the sales tab

    05/11/12 at 01:31 PM
  • Lisa Reply

    Hi Larry - Like snowflakes, each account is different. We can talk about the best approach to take for your particular account.

    05/11/12 at 03:00 PM
  • Larry Reply

    okay thanks Lisa

    05/12/12 at 06:52 AM
  • Matt Reply

    I saw a service that allowed you to track keywords VIA tracking numbers, but it required users to answer questions by selecting a number. I think that would cause people to hang up in droves

    12/03/12 at 01:52 PM (4156)
  • Chad Reply

    Yeah, we once dreamed up a feature that would place an extension on the website and then the tracking number would ask for the extension on the website. That would link it through to the keyword.

    Sadly, with the "not provided" issue in GA... this would only really apply to PPC programs since we don't get keyword info for a good portion of organic searches. We'd all be just as frustrated as today with 70% or more of our phone calls going to the "not provided" tracking number.

    Ultimately, we've found that phone calls at the ad group level work pretty well. We got the cost per number down to a minimal number.

    Is there a market for keyword level tracking? Who would use it?

    12/05/12 at 06:06 PM (4238)
  • Matt Reply

    Good point Chad....The "not provided" issue rears it's ugly head again.

    12/06/12 at 08:58 AM (4245)