Internet Marketing

Keeping the Algorithm in Perspective

  • Renee Reply

    Dr. Pete did a great piece on SEOMoz that underscores what we say all the time about maintaining a well-rounded and diversified marketing strategy for long-term success. You shouldn't be obsessed with the algorithm and freak out and overreact at every little change. And you shouldn't put your eggs in one basket. Be a sensible stalker of the algorithm and develop a balanced strategy that can help you weather the changes:

    Should We Chase The Algorithm?

    11/29/12 at 02:24 PM (4118)
  • Chad Reply

    That is great advice!

    11/29/12 at 03:57 PM (4119)
  • Matt Reply

    It is just the same as diversifying your financial portfolio. You have to do it ahead of time because you never know what sector will perform for you in the short term.

    11/29/12 at 04:13 PM (4120)
  • Adam Reply

    Right on guys... I know the phones ring off-the-hook every time Google sneezes. This is well-balanced advice for keeping it in perspective.

    11/29/12 at 05:32 PM (4125)
  • Jason G. Reply

    I think business owner fear that which they do not understand.

    11/29/12 at 05:43 PM (4127)
  • Dave Reply

    That is true, but the fact of the matter is they should focus on their business, not what they can't control.

    [quote]Jason said: I think business owner fear that which they do not understand.


    11/29/12 at 06:10 PM (4128)
  • Matt Reply

    I think those who are still utilizing SEO tactics from 5 years ago need to live in fear. Eventually Google is going to tighten the noose on those guys to the point where they actually disappear

    12/03/12 at 03:40 PM (4164)