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Inbound Marketing Hack: Long Tail SEO Lead Gen- Interesting

  • Member 8472 Reply

    I found this blog post doing some SEO related research about conversion rates for SEO leads and found this "HACK" and wanted to see what others thought about this and if they have tried it? Go....

    03/13/14 at 07:35 PM (13468)
  • Chad Reply

    We use the step 1 all of the time. We actually used to have our software mine out suggested keywords but that went away with google not provided. Today, I usually run most of our new campaigns through our webgrader with a few competitors. That often finds a few keyword ideas. The other thing I do is use webmaster tools (as suggested in the post you reference) to find keywords with volume that have page 2 rankings or higher. I usually refer to these type of keywords as the "low hanging fruit" for campaigns.

    One other source for keyword research is any existing Adwords campaigns. You can look at the Search Term report in Adwords to see exactly what someone searched. You also get impression and click data.

    03/25/14 at 11:41 AM (13631)