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How to accept a Google MCC [My Client Center] link request from HubShout?

  • Dave Reply

    This is one of the first steps to allowing HubShout to access your AdWords data for either management or portal reporting purposes.

    Once the link request has been sent from HubShout, follow these instructions:

    1.) Log into your My Client Center Account
    2.) If you are an administrator on the account, you can accept your invitation by visiting "My account" -> "Account access"
    3.) Under Client Managers you should see something similar to:


    [*'s replacing actual e-mail address to prevent spam]

    4.) To the right of that you will see a grey Action's box with "Accept invitation."

    And that is that. If you have any trouble or questions, reach out to your account manager!

    01/10/13 at 04:32 PM (4685)
  • Josh Reply

    This is very helpful, thanks Dave. I've had to do this on a few different occasions, and the analyst's have made it a very painless process.

    02/11/13 at 10:55 AM (5249)
  • Fiore Reply

    Soooooo helpful at the start


    10/01/13 at 02:08 PM (10606)
  • Jesse Reply

    Every single time I see "MCC," I experience a horrid flashback to my disastrous first run at college. ::cringe::

    10/01/13 at 04:40 PM (10612)