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How do I set up Email? Step 2: Your First Campaign

  • Chris Reply

    This tutorial is your second step in using HubShout's white label Email Marketing platform.

    HubShout Co-Founders, Chad and Adam have held a few webinars on Email Marketing and HubShout's platform. You can find those here:

    WEBINAR -- Email Marketing Relaunch
    WEBINAR -- Selling Email

    HubShout uses Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES) to power our email marketing module. You will need to setup an account with Amazon SES to use HubShout's email tool. If you haven't set-up your Amazon SES account yet, you need to do that first. There are detailed instructions in our Support Forums here:

    With Amazon SES set up and production access granted, you are ready to prepare your first email campaign.

    Log in to your HubShout portal and access the account that you want to set up with email marketing.

    It is important to first make sure that Email is enabled for the campaign that you are working with.

    Click the Admin tab and then click Advanced.
    HubShout Email Marketing
    Make sure Email Feature is set to On and click Update Campaign if you have made any changes.

    Now click the Email Tab and click the + symbol to expand the Email Help section.

    HubShout Email Help
    The Email Help section outlines the four ingredients for HubShout Email Marketing:

    • From Address
    • List
    • Template
    • Campaign


    Begin by establishing a FROM address. Click From Addresses in the right menu, then click New From Address.

    HubShout Email From Addresses
    New From Addresses need to verified by Amazon. Enter a legitimate email address that you have access to, and that you want to use as your From Address. Click Submit.

    HubShout Email From Addresses
    Go to the inbox for the address you submitted and click the verification link sent by Amazon. You will be taken to a confirmation page on Amazon's web site. You will also now see the new address listed as Verified and Active in your HubShout From Addresses list.

    HubShout Email From Addresses
    HubShout Email From Addresses


    There are three methods of build your email lists with the HubShout portal:
    1. Enter Addresses and/or cut and paste comma separated values (CSV)
    2. New prospects from your web site.
    3. Web-to-list form

    This tutorial will cover manually entering your first list. The other methods of list generation are covered in separate tutorials.

    Click Lists in the right menu. Click New Email List. Enter the name of your new list and click Submit.

    HubShout Email Lists
    To add addresses to your new list click the list name and then click Add Recipients. You can enter new addresses manually or paste in comma separated values (CSV).

    HubShout Email Lists

    HubShout Email Lists
    All email lists follow the format Email,First Name,Last Name - one entry per line. First and Last Name are optional, email is mandatory.

    When you are finished click Submit New Recipients to view your new list.


    We are covering only the basics of your first template for tutorial purposes. Advanced email template creation and editing are covered in our Advanced Email Templating tutorial.

    Click Templates in the right menu. You can see that you can create a Blank Template or select a starting point from our Template Library. Click Template Library.

    HubShout Email Templates
    You will see a thumbnail list of our current templates. Click the radio button under the template you want to use. Name your new template and click Save New Email Template.

    HubShout Email Templates
    Your newly created template will now be listed on the Templates page. Click the name of your new template to access Template Details.

    HubShout Email Templates
    On the Template Details page you will give your email a Subject and click Update. You will see a message telling you that Email Template details were updated.

    You will notice that the template can be editied with our WYSIWYG editor or HTML code. Template editing will be covered in the Advanced Email Template Editing Tutorial. For our purposes here we will leave the template as-is. Click Templates in the right menu to return to the Template List.


    A campaign simply puts together the three items you have just created; From Address, List and Template.

    Click Campaign in the right menu and click New Email Campaign.

    HubShout Email Campaigns
    Give your new campaign a name, select the From Address, List and Template that we just created. Set Type to Auto Responder (Newsletters send as soon as you Submit.) Leave Program as None and Send Day set to 1.

    HubShout Email Campaigns
    Click Submit and you will see Campaign Details. From the Campaign Details screen you can edit the Name of the campaign as well as quick link to your list and template. You will notice that the Status is set to Draft. Leave Status set to Draft for now. When you are ready to send your emails you will set this to Active.


    HubShout Email Campaigns
    Lastly we will cover sending a test email. From the Campaign Screen click the template name and click Send Test Email in the right menu. You will see a send confirmation in the HubShout portal and you should receive the Test Email within a few minutes.

    HubShout Email Test
    Make sure to read our other Email Marketing tutorials, including Advanced Email Templating and Email List Creation.

    03/19/12 at 02:39 PM
  • Terrance Reply

    Some of these placements have changed in the dashboard :/ Not sure if you can redo this but It'll be helpful for the Resellers I send this to.

    02/21/13 at 11:22 AM (5478)
  • Jesse Reply

    I have a friend who might be interested in going into the reselling business. I'll have to show him this. Thanks Chris!

    02/21/13 at 12:10 PM (5479)