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How can we sell the portal if we have no clients yet ?

  • Larry Reply

    I want to become familiar with the reporting portal but it seems I can't do much until I get clients on board which is dissapointing.

    I have been putting in alot of ground work getting prospects on board and have had meeting with some and showed them the white labeled reporting system and they are impressed but the conversion from prospect to client is a drawn out process which requires much relationship building.

    We are close now to having 3 prospects come on board - one to start with the email services & 2 with paid search campaigns.

    I really would like to be able to setup a test a/c that would behave the same as if it was a client so that I can fully test out the features to familiarize myself with the system enough so that I can professionally convey my knowledge to prospects to aid in my selling this.

    Can we please be allowed do this with a test account. There is nothing better than diving into to lean a system !

    03/28/12 at 05:14 PM
  • Adam Reply

    I assume you've already memorized the following Webinars, right?

    03/28/12 at 05:19 PM
  • Larry Reply

    Initially - we are concentrating on paid search & using landing pages to get leads for clients and then offering email marketing as upsell. A natural follow on from that we hope will be SEO

    03/28/12 at 06:15 PM
  • Chad Reply

    A sound approach. Check out this thread for some discussoin on selling PPC.

    Email is a good fit with PPC, use our web to lead form to capture the PPC leads and have them automatically added to an email list. It should be a super simple sell to add email once they realize they aren't following up on the leads.

    03/28/12 at 09:08 PM
  • Larry Reply

    Okay - will do Chad. Do we have to have a client on board before we can use the web to lead form and then add them to an email list or can we do this from our own reseller a/c for them. In other words is the actually code that is generated for the web to lead tied to a campaign / client.

    03/29/12 at 04:24 AM
  • Remington Reply

    Setting ourselves up as the first client was the best idea, this will allow you to see how the system works, but it's also easier to sell something if you rank well for a few keywords too!

    04/02/12 at 12:59 PM
  • Chuck Reply

    I agree completely with Remington. Using the products fully are the best way to learn it inside out. If it is PPC, I can send you a free $100 coupon to set yourself up with. I am assuming that you are having Hubshout do your SEO and already have a dashboard. If you don't, that is the best thing I ever did. You will sell what you use!

    04/02/12 at 02:06 PM
  • Larry Reply

    Yes, I have the dashboard setup which is whilte labeled but I am looking to see how it would look from a clients perspective - as in what they can & cannot see & that. Just want to get through the learning curve so I can sell the benefits to prospects

    04/02/12 at 05:14 PM
  • Remington Reply

    Larry, we've set ourselves up as a user also using another email address with our own account. If you log out of your admin dashboard once you set up your other username then you can see everything the client sees.

    04/02/12 at 05:31 PM
  • Larry Reply

    Hi Remington, I will try that thanks -

    04/03/12 at 04:07 AM