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Home Module Request for Task Needing Review & My Active Task

  • Terrance Reply

    Many of my Resellers and myself can't tell what campaign they are looking at when they click on the task link on the Home Module. Can we please make it so that they can see what campaign they are responding to for these task?

    Can we also have a feature that will send a task update to all involved on that task without them having to click a button to update everyone. There's no button for them to actually click on anyway in that screen and human error happens when someone forgets to click on that box no one gets updated.

    02/21/13 at 02:47 PM (5490)
  • Adam Reply

    I agree this is a problem for resellers (and us). The screen is designed for use by end-clients, and was specifically meant to be clean since the majority of end-users only ever look at 1 campaign.

    For people with access to Admin (resellers) - there is a link to the Full Task View. I use this currently and bypass that screen entirely since it was not designed for me.

    Do you guys have that link?

    (And before you ask - we opted NOT to auto-forward people because we had complaints that Resellers were not seeing what End-Clients were)...

    02/21/13 at 03:19 PM (5495)
  • Carissa Reply

    my clients have experienced the same issues. I think the link you are referring to is the task ID number; I am not sure resellers would know to click into this link.

    I think that having the campaign information at the top looks clean and less confusing; especially being able to see the first glance resellers are not sure what the task is about till they read further down.

    It would be nice if the campaign ID and Title of the task showed up on the top.

    04/25/13 at 02:43 PM (6612)