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Got any Advice for a Newbie Reseller?

  • Rosewood Reply

    Hi Guys,

    I am really excited about signing up as a Reseller and I would really appreciate your words of wisdom to help me get started please.

    I have been in SEO and Websites etc. working with local business owners for a couple of years now, but because I don't want to grow my business in terms of people I am struggling to do the work required to deliver the goods.

    I am hoping that by having Hubshout take care of the actual work it will free up my time to develop more relationships with local business owners, sell to more clients and oversee more projects. I have been reluctant to sell stuff as I haven't been in a position to deliver it.

    If you can help by offering any advice based on your experience as a reseller it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    11/09/12 at 04:19 AM (3825)
  • Adam Reply

    Welcome Leonardo!

    Sounds like you have a solid background and two feet firmly planted on the ground. That's more than many guys have when they start out! My biggest advice (and you probably already know this from your web dev business) is:

    Under-promise and over-deliver.

    While you will take a small hit on closing deals with this approach because some prospects fall for the hype, in the long-run you will be MUCH happier with your book of business because retention will be stronger. This means less headaches, fewer upset customers and more profits for you (again, in the long-run). I've watched many people take the short-view and score big sales with big promises. However, they tend to crash when the promises are empty.

    We have a great product here. Well tested and tuned. Years of development and real-world use. It's produced awesome results for tons of businesses. And the technology platform is really industry-leading. But any product can be sold incorrectly. The folks here will help guide you, and they are super-friendly as well.


    11/09/12 at 08:11 AM (3826)
  • Nick Reply

    Welcome to Hubshout, Leonardo!

    11/09/12 at 08:24 AM (3827)
  • Rosewood Reply


    Yes, trying to build something real here in the UK with personal contact on a local level.

    It was a breath of fresh air talking to Terrance on the phone, learning about what you guys do etc.

    One of the reasons I have struggled to increase my own customer base is because I am not willing to use cheap SEO tactics for short-term gain, and I have not yet found a company to support me to do SEO in the right way.

    I am creative too, keeping on top of reports and having organised systems has not been my strong point in the past, so I am hoping your system will help keep me on track in that regard.

    Thank you :-)

    11/09/12 at 08:57 AM (3828)
  • Rosewood Reply

    [quote] said: Welcome to Hubshout, Leonardo!


    Thank you, looking forward to getting to know you all!

    11/09/12 at 08:58 AM (3829)
  • Adam Reply

    Awesome... Again - this sounds like a strong start...

    So you said your initial targets will be local --- excellent. I find that starting local and face-to-face is simply the best way to get off the ground... What types of businesses will you be pitching?

    11/09/12 at 09:00 AM (3830)
  • Rosewood Reply

    I am a member of a business Networking Group which consists of Financial Advisor, Plumber, Printer, Business Coach, Mortgage Advisor - those types of businesses.

    The Financial Advisor has an office and 3 or 4 employees, he wants me to put a proposal together for his SEO.

    11/09/12 at 09:06 AM (3831)
  • Chris Reply

    Its great to have customers who "get it". Welcome Leonardo. I am more on the IT/web development side of things here at HubShout, but there are quite a few SEO, PPC and online marketing experts here. I am sure that you will hear from them. Because, like all HubShout customers, your success is our success.

    11/09/12 at 09:06 AM (3832)
  • Rosewood Reply

    Thanks Chris, I am excited, just a lot to take in... I feel like I am in the right place at last :-) I am also trying new things too, and will be more than happy to share my experience with others for the benefit of everybody.

    In addition to networking locally and making local business owners aware of what they can do online I have created a local business online directory which is another way I am starting relationships with local business owners, it's early days but I am slowly building my list and local businesses are sharing their content on my site.

    The missing link has been the 'back-office support' for the stuff I want to sell more of: SEO, PPC, Email & Social etc.

    11/09/12 at 09:18 AM (3835)
  • Adam Reply

    "Back-office" is our middle name! LOL :-)

    11/09/12 at 09:36 AM (3837)