Reseller Sales tracking?

  • Spence Reply

    Is there anybody out there who would like the fabulous guys at HS to provide tracking, or would like to have it (as well as the usual

    I know of eight people who want it (my current clients).

    04/03/12 at 01:30 PM
  • Michelle Reply

    I have something coming down the pipes, and would definitely be useful! ... As well as tracking :)

    04/03/12 at 01:58 PM
  • Chad Reply

    Tracking for is now live. You can configure which country on the Advanced tab on the Campaign Details screen. This is for for now. Other countries can be added when there is sufficient demand.

    04/16/12 at 06:19 PM
  • Spence Reply

    Absolutely magic! Thanks guys - sure makes a huge difference.

    04/16/12 at 06:26 PM