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Google Officially Adding Mobile Usability as Ranking Factor

  • Renee Reply

    Google has been sending plenty of warning signals, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. But starting April 21, Google will officially include mobile-friendly usability factors and app indexing in its ranking. In his latest video, John Mueller says it won't be before that date, but webmasters should be prepared.

    02/27/15 at 12:30 PM (17622)
  • Ashley B Reply

    Thanks for sharing this Renee! This information can definitely help businesses and webmasters prepare for this change.

    02/27/15 at 05:49 PM (17632)
  • Beetlejuice Reply

    This will be super useful for mobile users, too. Imagine shopping for something on your phone and not having to worry about zooming in and out and missing important information!

    03/02/15 at 10:23 AM (17643)
  • Chad Reply

    This is a big turn of events. This is the first time I have seen them give webmasters a deadline to change their site or risk losing rankings. Very interesting.

    03/02/15 at 10:32 AM (17644)
    • Kyle Reply

      I wondered when something like this would happen...people forget google is still a company and *can* make ultimatums like this if they want to..but at the same time it gets things done..

      03/02/15 at 05:29 PM (17660)
  • Jamie B Reply


    03/02/15 at 10:50 AM (17645)
  • Mari Reply

    if this comes as a surprise... you're behind the times!

    03/02/15 at 11:33 AM (17646)
  • Eric R Reply

    It was always assumed mobile compatibility was influencing ranking, and there was a lot of speculation to how, but this is really interesting that Google's making official statements now. It wasn't a surprise that you should make your website mobile friendly since mobile usage is on the rise, but i'm not sure if many people realized this could be a actual ranking factor. It was always attributed back to user engagement metrics that shaped ranking (also speculated), but not as many people though specific mobile factors would be turned into ranking signals.

    03/02/15 at 02:33 PM (17651)
    • Andrea Reply

      Agreed, I thought this was already a thing. However, being notified beforehand will be very helpful to businesses.

      03/02/15 at 04:20 PM (17653)