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Google Auto Complete Management

  • Josh Reply

    Hey Guys - I was just talking with one of my resellers and he had a very interesting question. He was curious if we had the ability to have an impact on Google's auto-complete feature.

    For those not familiar, Google auto-complete is the feature that shows relevant searches (in the drop down box) as you type your query into the search bar.

    He was questioning it on the basis of reputation management. One of his clients was showing poorly in the auto-complete feature as searchers Googled their company name.

    Is this even possible?

    12/05/12 at 04:12 PM (4224)
  • Chad Reply

    Josh. Auto complete uses all the personal search features (location, your previous search history, popular search queries) to populate the list. If you type "fa" and I type "fa" we will see different things. So... the answer is no. He might be able to make a small dent in what people search for around a client but not something that would last or work for long.

    12/05/12 at 04:38 PM (4226)
  • Josh Reply

    That makes sense. I touched on the local impact lightly. Thanks.

    12/05/12 at 04:40 PM (4227)
  • Eric R Reply

    Might help to get really active on Google+. Like Chad said, it really has to do with personalized search. If someone is signed in they will see different things than if signed out. Start building those Google+ circles and posting content like crazy. If they got a lot of positive content out there, maybe that would flush out the negative content in Google's auto-complete algo.

    12/05/12 at 05:03 PM (4233)