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Forum nickname problems? Look no further.

  • Chris Reply

    Are you still "Member XXXX"?

    You have tried editing your nickname but it doesn't hold your changes?

    Post here o'nameless ones, with what you want your forum name to be, and I will make it happen.

    08/16/12 at 04:40 PM
  • Kyle Reply

    This could get interesting...

    08/16/12 at 04:43 PM
  • Adam M Reply

    This could be a lot of work coming for you Chris lol

    08/16/12 at 08:12 PM
  • Chris Reply

    Its not difficult. I figured this thread would be easier for everyone.

    08/17/12 at 09:01 AM
  • Adam M Reply

    Well, what is the problem? Anything we can do on our end?

    08/17/12 at 11:08 AM
  • Chris Reply

    I have been working to diagnose and re-create the problem. I haven't been able to nail down every end-use scenario.

    I don't have much individual advice right now, other than:

    1) the common "clear your cache and try again"

    2) Change your avatar at the same time as your nickname. In some cases this might make the name change "stick".

    I'll handle them here for now. It might help if anyone with this issue added their OS/Browser info and any failed attempts they have made.

    08/17/12 at 11:37 AM
  • Adam M Reply

    I agree. OS and browser info would be nice to have

    08/17/12 at 12:01 PM
  • Jason G. Reply

    My issue corrected itself.

    08/30/12 at 02:47 PM
  • Adam M Reply

    Mine too lol

    08/30/12 at 02:47 PM
  • Adam Reply

    [quote]Jason said: My issue corrected itself.


    That's because I typed it in for you... LOL :-)

    There must be a bug here, see if someone can re-create it for me.

    09/07/12 at 10:22 AM