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Flickr Photos Will Now Pop Up in Searches on Yahoo

  • Renee Reply

    Under Flickr's creative commons licensing agreement, Yahoo has made "tens of millions" of images from Flickr available when searching images.


    Flickr Photos Now Show Up in Yahoo Image Searches

    01/11/13 at 02:49 PM (4710)
  • Peter Reply

    At least they're not trying to sell user photos!

    01/18/13 at 04:40 PM (4905)
  • Josh Reply

    Yeah that's pretty interesting. What kind of implications could this entail?

    01/18/13 at 04:49 PM (4908)
  • Jesse Reply

    Yahoo had to do something, they've been floundering for years.

    01/19/13 at 12:06 PM (4912)