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Feature Request for Sales / CRM: Counting calls

  • Adam Reply

    Can Adam create a function that will allow me to print out my phone calls for the last month, 3 months or custom date range?
    Ultimately what I want is the ability to count how many phone calls we received from each campaign to determine how our advertising dollars are being spent. I also want the ability to be able to count the calls without duplicate calls. This would really help me out as I'm having to copy and paste them using Excel and manually add them up. Thanks!!

    05/07/12 at 04:34 PM
  • Adam Reply

    Thanks for the suggestion. There is a release currently built that will allow for more flexibility in this area. The development was green-lighted and I expect the release shortly. You will DEFINITELY be able to pull the duplicate calls and have more flexibility on counting. You can also turn this into a mini CRM if you want (beyond what you asked for here...

    05/07/12 at 04:45 PM
  • Matt Reply

    I think the sales tab just got a little happier

    05/07/12 at 05:10 PM