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Facebook news selection is in hands of editors not algorithms, documents show

  • Katy S Reply

    "Leaked documents show how Facebook, now the biggest news distributor on the planet, relies on old-fashioned news values on top of its algorithms to determine what the hottest stories will be for the 1 billion people who visit the social network every day.

    The documents, given to the Guardian, come amid growing concerns over how Facebook decides what is news for its users. This week the company was accused of an editorial bias against conservative news organizations, prompting calls for a congressional inquiry from the US Senate commerce committee chair, John Thune."

    05/13/16 at 01:07 PM (23192)
  • Sean F Reply

    Wow there are 21 pages of review guidelines their editors have to follow and three separate review teams!! They aren't messing around. News outlets can maybe learn a thing or two.

    05/13/16 at 05:03 PM (23193)
    • T'Hani Reply

      I agree. It's nice to know that Facebook is more professional than it seems.

      06/13/16 at 01:30 PM (23244)
    • Amanda Reply

      Having spent two years working in a newsroom - yes.

      06/13/16 at 05:24 PM (23247)
  • Renee Reply

    Next, I'd like to see an algorithm that weeds out and flags the misinformation people post that appears in newsfeeds. They red flag nudey pictures. I'd like to see a "this is crap" flag.

    05/16/16 at 03:44 PM (23195)
    • Amanda Reply

      I too would like that flag. I would throw it around all the time.

      05/16/16 at 05:07 PM (23197)