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FEED tab in the PPC module

  • Carissa Reply

    I had a reseller ask me about the Feed tab in the PPC module. I wasn't sure what this was for as nothing has ever populated in this area.

    I went to speak with my PPC analyst as well as a few other reps and what we came up with was it was for Yahoo and Bing feeds, which appears to be a function not currently available.

    Is there a reason that the Feed it still a tab in the module? Would it be best to eliminate this since it doesn't seem to provide a function; or is it something else entirely? Thanks!

    01/31/13 at 01:25 PM (5076)
  • Josh Reply

    Good question Carrisa, I'll be interested to see what we find out.

    01/31/13 at 02:42 PM (5078)
  • Paul Reply

    I am interested to learn what it does or what it did do. Also, I'm not a coder but I've learned that changes to code can often times cause problems with other seemingly unrelated parts of the software. It could potentially be difficult to remove and I'm sure there are probably other features and fixes that are a higher priority. This is all speculation though, I'm probably completely off base here.

    02/05/13 at 11:25 AM (5144)