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Email List Import

  • JaTara Reply

    I have a few questions regarding list import. I'm trying to format my list to import into the hubshout database and I was trying to find out the best format. However, when I attempt to navigate through my portal in the email tab, it doesn't navigate to the different options available. For instance when I click "List", nothing changes on the pages for me. Can you help me with this?

    01/25/13 at 12:59 PM (5004)
  • Jenna Reply

    Hi Tara. Who is your Account Manager? (S)he should be able to help you with this. I can send a support ticket to that person. That aside, try watching this webinar about email lists.

    02/15/13 at 05:54 PM (5356)
  • JaTara Reply

    Hi Jenna. My account manager is Kyle and he may have gotten this resolved for me. I will watch the webinar and get back with you if any additional problems. Thank you.

    02/15/13 at 06:35 PM (5360)