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Email Feature Requests

  • Chris B. Reply

    Had a couple of requests today to improve the email tool. They include:

    1) The ability to add multiple Lists when setting up the Campaign. This is helpful for those who maintain multiple lists but want to send the same message out to several lists. This will eliminate unnecessary steps of having to create multiple campaigns.

    2) The option to sort which emails are Active vs. Inactive under the List tab.

    Curious to get feedback on this.

    11/14/12 at 05:09 PM (3936)
  • Brian J. Wilhelm Reply

    I like pretty much all the ideas to upgrade emails functionality. I think that this feature would be great on the new lead screen as well. That way when you manually enter in a contact you do not have to take the extra step to also add them to an email list. Competition for email marketing is pretty extensive. Having the tools in place that allow clients to easily input data will make it easier to get them to adapt email into their strategy, or move them off of a competing system. A bulk upload option in the ad new lead function of the sales tab would also make it easier to show clients that they can seamlessly adopt our all in one platform.

    11/14/12 at 11:53 PM (3940)
  • Adam Reply

    These are solid suggestions.. I like them...

    11/15/12 at 12:50 PM (3948)
  • Nigel Reply

    And I like learning more about this topic, so guys please keep sharing the knowledge and ideas, appreciated!

    11/20/12 at 02:45 AM (4001)