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Does HubShout have a way to send lead data to my client's current CRM and also to the dashboard.

  • Chris Reply

    We get this question quite a bit. Currently the only solution is custom development.

    We have discussed developing a standardized solution to integrate with other CRMs. We have also made attempts at a plugin for Wordpress.

    Among the challenges are white labeling, and adaptability for multiple use cases.

    The concept of an all-inclusive solution that serves all CRMs (or even the top 20), and all website configurations is daunting, to say the least.

    Most forms and CRMs use different name values for form fields, even something as simple as "First Name" can have 10 variations. This means that to send that data to two places, you have to translate the name values to each system.

    The only viable solution we have right now would be a custom one, unique to each situation. We can have a developer review the website and report back on feasibility and provide a time estimate.

    This is not an problem unique to our system. There are entire companies, whose business model is translating these submissions and data between systems. Take a look at what Zapier does. and their app library

    The services listed in their Zapbook don't "play nice" with each other. :-)

    07/10/15 at 10:57 AM (19324)
  • Megan Reply

    Thanks for addressing this, Chris!

    07/10/15 at 11:13 AM (19325)
  • Chris W Reply

    I get this question a lot from my end so I do appreciate you taking the time to write this out. I'll make sure to refer any of our resellers to this post if the question comes up.

    07/10/15 at 11:16 AM (19326)
  • Adam Reply

    I think Chad actually has a solution for this...

    1) Put on the form per usual, which gets the lead into the Dash
    2) Then also make a user on the distribution list that sends an email to Zapier (or other system integrator software).
    3) Services like Zapier have integration with Saleforce and Sugar and other CRMs...

    I'm pretty sure Chad is doing this already today and it is working.

    07/10/15 at 11:39 AM (19329)