HubShout SEM System Release Notes

Disaster Preparedness - Data Replication from Rochester to Amazon AWS - Virginia East-1

  • Adam Reply

    We know that B-To-B customers have very high demands for technology. In addition to usability, they want fast screen loads and high availability. Our core values of Integrity and Accountability insist that HubShout make strong investments in technology to ensure reliability and durability of our infrastructure.

    Today we are announcing an infrastructure enhancement we hope to never need. While the Frontier Cyber Center in Rochester, NY has been rock-solid, and includes FM 200 dry fire suppression, numerous backup batteries, two diesel generators with on-site fuel, 24x7 staffed security, and 3-factor biometric credentials for entry - there is always the possibility of a major geographic disaster.

    For these reasons, as well as potential scalability options in the future, we have decided to implement a HOT DISASTER RECOVERY (DR) site in the Amazon AWS Virginia-East-1 facility. Phase 1 is to implement real-time data synchronization from the Rochester Data Center to AWS Virginia East-1. What this means is that data that is written in Rochester (on disks that are highly redundant within the DB server as well between servers), the data is also written within a few milliseconds to a redundant data center in Norther Virginia.

    Again, we hope to never need the fail-over option. However, we also see value is learning the Amazon AWS infrastructure. Cloud-based computing-as-a-service are the future, and will open options for our community of agencies as we all scale to amazing levels of business together.

    04/07/18 at 07:18 AM (23325)