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Customer Testimonials and Success Stories.

  • Carissa Reply

    I have been getting asked by a lot of my resellers for testimonials. Does anyone have any great success stories they would be willing to share. Also, if any resellers would be interested in talking to a potential reseller in New Zealand, please let me know!

    09/06/12 at 12:51 PM
  • Kyle Reply

    I have also had several requests for some updated case studies. Anyone with something to share would be extremely helpful!

    09/06/12 at 01:43 PM
  • Member 4053 Reply

    Hi all,

    I have a very good question. Can we use HubShout's success stories on our Reseller sites? Basically, we wouldn't mention the name of the company but would say something like this:

    Our Google Certified Professionals helped ABC Company increase its online marketing ROI by 55%.

    It would be great if we could get some stats from HubShout and use that info to put it on our site with some powerful visuals. I think it would help to generate more leads. Probable 3-5 cases would be enough. What do you guys think? Any reseller would think this is a good idea?

    09/07/12 at 07:29 AM
  • Chris Reply

    4053 that is a good idea. If you contact you account manager they should be able to help you with some collateral.

    If you would like me to help change your forum nickname just let me know. :)

    09/07/12 at 10:19 AM
  • Vincent Reply

    Member 4053 I think that's a fantastic idea as well. I certainly have some clients who would benefit from having a feature like that

    09/07/12 at 10:21 AM
  • Terrance Reply

    I think having more case studies with stats like that would be great for potential resellers and clients alike. I hope some people have been following up on this.

    09/25/12 at 01:46 PM
  • Jenna Reply

    Hey member 4053, we are 2.5 steps ahead of you (I like to live by the decimal system)! We're churning out collateral as we speak and will have collateral on Local SEO, SEO, and Reseller Program by the end of this week! The rest will soon follow. Your A.M will let you know when you can grab these!

    09/25/12 at 02:40 PM
  • Kyle Reply

    Awesome. Thanks Jenna

    09/25/12 at 03:12 PM
  • Carissa Reply

    thanks! can't wait! Let us know where we can find that when it's resellers will be thrilled!

    09/25/12 at 03:19 PM
  • Member 4053 Reply

    Sounds good Jenna. Let us know once they are available.

    09/25/12 at 03:28 PM