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Content tab access for end clients

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    Where did the option go to NOT give end clients access to the Content tab? I can't find it, and all of a sudden end clients now have access to it, leading to questions about if we're getting them real links or not.

    "I can't click on live links to articles anymore. It opens some kind of lightbox view thing, but I can't get to actual blog page to read and check links like I used to be able to."

    Of course I'm pointing the client to the Syndication tab, but PLEASE give us access to not allow the Content tab to be viewed.


    06/01/13 at 03:50 PM (7610)
  • Chad Reply

    1. The option is in Campaign Details under the advanced sub-section. Click on Admin, search for the campaign in question, select it from the auto complete, then click on the Advanced tab.There is a SEO submissions and SEO content section where you can select Off or Visible.

    2. If you select "off", the tab does not disappear. What happens is that you will still see the syndication chart but you will not see the list of links. For content, you will see the article counts but you will not see the second tab for "content library." There has never been a feature to turn off the Content or Syndication sub-tab.

    3. In terms of the lightbox, that is the behavior in the content library area. I just tested and when I am in the syndication area with the setting to Visible, I am redirected to the page where the content is placed (it opens a new tab).

    If you need help with a specific campaign, raise a support ticket so that we can test the exact scenario you have.

    06/02/13 at 01:28 PM (7615)
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    Ahhh, you're the best - thank you! Not sure how I lost it...I guess it hasn't moved!

    06/02/13 at 10:43 PM (7617)
  • Adam Reply

    Correct. No change on this screen / function.

    06/03/13 at 08:13 AM (7618)