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Can We Embed HubShout's Dashboard In Our Portal

  • Terrance Reply

    My Reseller had a very good question about embedding the dashboard to his Portal. He states;

    We already have a client portal through which we deliver online training and links to our other white labelled tools including website creation/editing software, project management tools (basecamp-ish), etc...

    For each client that we have signed up to your reporting dashboard at $40 per month, ideally we could enable a reporting tab (as part of our top-level menu) and give the user a single sign-on experience so that your Home/SEO/PPC/Email etc options should up under our Reporting or Dashboard tab.

    Two questions:

    1 - At a business level, if we could figure out a way to implement such functionality through some technical magic then is that something we could do within your interpretation of our current master reseller agreement?

    2 - At a technical level, if the answer to (1) is yes, then are there any technical settings / methods / guidelines that might make this easier for us? I'm assuming you don't have an API, but that we might emulate your login process through some kind of GET data passing or PHP Curl method...

    Bottom line is that we love your dashboard and would like to make it a regular part of our offering. I'm also interested in whether you'd be open to a volume licensing approach to the dashboard. Ideally we could bundle your dashboard alongside some of our other components and offer a true all-in-one solution at a $97 per month price point, but that's difficult to do (while still allowing for our affiliate commissions) on a flat fee of $40 per user.

    02/08/13 at 05:03 PM (5235)
  • Adam Reply

    Great questions...

    1) We don't currently support single-sign-on (SSO)... But I think that's a fantastic idea. I've implemented SSO with many large companies in the past (General Electric and AT&T most notably) for the very same reasons. It is a hassle to force people to log into multiple places. But this means I also understand the security vulnerabilities associated with SSO. In the past we've used both the built-in functionality and custom-developed encryption mechanisms for this... Not sure what you had in mind or how many customers you would put on this.

    2) Likewise on the API. While we have integration into about 20 APIs that run the Private Label Portal, we don't currently API any data out of the system...

    In regards to BaseCamp, I'd be interested in what you are doing in there. We have a much lighter version of Workflow, Task and Security Management than BaseCamp, but it hits about 80% of the big Workflow / Task Management features - which is usually more than people really need for SEM...

    Interested in your specific requirements....

    02/08/13 at 05:12 PM (5236)
  • Terrance Reply

    Thank you for that Adam. I think that Tom will be delighted to know that you have responded so fast to his question. I will send him this way to respond.

    02/11/13 at 11:48 AM (5252)
  • TomMcLellan Reply

    Thanks Adam and Terrence for the follow up on this.

    Likewise I've been down the SSO path in enterprise implementations and have also looked at cloud-based approaches. I was assuming you did not have an API for this purpose and that the technical magic would involve some custom PHP on our end to emulate a user logging in through GET or POST form submission.

    However at a business level, I'm not sure that the Master Reseller agreement would support this, so I wanted to check on that first. If we were to figure out some technical approach on our end that effectively emulates the user's login action, then at a business level would you be okay with us presenting your dashboard as a tool within our portal?

    Regarding project management, we're helping clients to organize their online marketing projects (including ongoing content development etc), for which they need a place to share files, organize project actions, and collaborate with team members (sometimes with me and my team, and in other cases I'm happy for them to use the PM platform for their own purposes as a value-add).

    02/11/13 at 03:32 PM (5258)
  • Adam Reply

    Great questions. You are right, the portal was not really built to be embedded. As you know, we've put many years into data integration precisely so that it can be the final destination for SEM data.

    02/18/13 at 08:37 AM (5384)