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Call Tracking Explained

  • Ellen Reply

    Phone tracking script masks and reroutes phone numbers based on the origin of the lead. Example:

    1-888-555-5000 is your actual phone number.

    Your web site visitor clicks a link from a Google Adwords ad.

    The tracking script replaces (or overwrites) your actual phone number with a trackable replacement number like 1-888-555-9999. The web site visitor that originates from that adwords ad will see the tracking number, 1-888-555-9999 when they land on your web site. When they call the tracking number, the call tracking system reroutes the call to ring to your actual number.

    In your HubShout portal you can view all of your incoming tracked calls. You can review call time, duration, caller ID, origin and even listen to each call if you opt to record. This is extremely useful in planning and modifying your marketing efforts.

    01/14/13 at 07:34 PM (4768)
  • Lisa Reply

    Great explanation, Ellen. I'm sure I will be referring back to this the next time I need to explain call tracking.

    01/15/13 at 09:38 AM (4773)