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Bing Warns Shoppers: Don't Get “Scroogled”

  • Ellen Reply

    Bing says Google Scroogles you. The full page ad in the Wash Post caught my attention. Clever, but will it hurt Google at all?

    12/03/12 at 10:21 AM (4149)
  • Ellen Reply

    [quote]Ellen said: Bing says Google Scroogles you. The full page ad in the Wash Post caught my attention. Clever, but will it hurt Google at all?


    12/03/12 at 10:30 AM (4150)
  • Chad F Reply

    I almost accidently clicked make Bing my homepage! This is a clever jab at Google will have to see what the result is

    12/03/12 at 11:24 AM (4151)
  • Renee Reply

    It will probably get some attention, but will it be enough to keep people from using Google to shop this holiday season? Who knows. Bing may have just created the next great word, though. "Scroogled" might become the new "Newman!" (for those of you old enough to remember Seinfeld's nemesis).

    12/03/12 at 12:52 PM (4152)
  • Jenna Reply

    While we're talking about search engines "scroogling" you, let me just say that the Babylon "search engine" AHEM virus is trying to ruin my life. I fight back and I fight back some more against Babylon taking over my laptop, but it hides deep within my laptop somewhere I can't find, lays in wait, and then attacks again! Down with Babylon!

    12/03/12 at 12:59 PM (4153)
  • tybrid Reply

    babylon search engine, adware is typically bundled with freeware you may have dowloaded. Here are some things you can do to get rid of:
    1. google (yes, I am still a Googler) Revo unistaller and download the free version. You can also do the Pro but that is a full-functional 30 day trial. Make sure you are dowloading from the actual website and not 3rd party to avoid more adware/malware.

    2. Install the software and just follow default settings. Once installed, look for any references to Babylon such as babylon toolbar or any other suspicious search add-ons and highlight within the programs uninstaller window

    3. Select the Uninstall button. What should happen next is the actual Bablyon program should pop-up and ask if you want to uninstall. This is the same process if you tried to uninstall via Control Panel (assuming you are using Windows)>Add/Remove Programs or Programs Uninstall.

    4. In case you do not find any reference to Babylon, Babylon toolbar or Search in the Revo uninstaller or Add/Remove Programs then

    5. Once the program has been uninstalled via Windows, the Revo Uninistaller will initiate and ask what type of removal you would like usually giving you 3 choices. I always choose the 3rd option or Advanced as this will remove all entries from the registry. Follow prompts and elect to Delete all entries. You may have to reboot your machine.

    6. In case Windows or the Revo Uninstaller does not find any instances of Babylon, it is still there but hidden usually as an Add-on in your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari or Google Chrome). You should also perform the following steps if you have removed Babylon from Windows or via the Revo program as it is most likely an Add-on.

    7. Go to the Add-ons in your browser. Go to your browsers Help, Options or Preferences link depending on what browser you use. Just do a search for your browsers add-ons and how to manage or remove add-ons. In some browsers they are called extensions... See if you can find any references to Babylon and if so, Remove.

    8. One last step, go to your browsers Home page section and make sure that babylon or some other suspicious url is not taking over your home page. If so, delete it and add your preferred home page.

    Well that concludes my "good IT" deed for the day. I have over 15 years of IT support and used to deal with issues like this on a daily basis...

    12/03/12 at 01:33 PM (4155)
  • Jenna Reply

    Hi Tybrid and thanks! Yes I dowloaded a free EPS file viewer when I got the virus. I have already removed babylon from my preferred browser and homepage and then it comes back! I will most definitely try Revo Uninstaller. Well I'm glad I ranted today, thanks!

    12/03/12 at 02:49 PM (4158)
  • tybrid Reply

    No prob

    12/03/12 at 02:53 PM (4159)
  • Dave Reply

    Wow, IT support now comes to you to solve problems, talk about service!

    12/03/12 at 03:18 PM (4160)
  • Jenna Reply


    12/03/12 at 03:20 PM (4161)