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Another Panda Update on the Horizon

  • Renee Reply

    There were rumors about some Google search activity over the weekend, but Google says it was not Panda. It is, however "not confirming or denying" that there was another kind of update. It says it it is constantly improving its search through improvements, but wouldn't get more specific.

    But those of you who always ask "Is there any way to know when a Google update/refresh is going to happen?" This one is for you:

    "Google did however tell us [Search Engine Land] they plan on releasing a Panda refresh within a week or two. So do expect a Panda refresh sometime by the end of this month, leading into early next month."

    Search Engine Land:

    No, That Wasn’t A Panda Update — But One Is Coming

    11/20/12 at 10:42 AM (4012)