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Adwords API integration question

  • Ben V. Reply

    Quick question - What are you thoughts on integrating the PPC part of the dashboard with Google's Adwords API? Reason I ask is that it would be nice to have the client's adwords account data (specific ads, keywords, average position, etc) integrated into the PPC section. You could have a sidebar tab called "Adwords Account" or something along those lines and just pull the data in that you feel is relevant. The Adhoc tab is neat. Main analytics tab is also useful, but to be able to have a client see their adgroups, specific ads, their actual keyword lists, position metrics, etc. would save time and marry them even more to the system instead of having to login to two separate systems. Thoughts??

    02/01/13 at 10:08 AM (5086)
  • Member 5918 Reply

    On the PPC side of things, what can be done to integrate Bing data into the PPC Reporting only?

    02/01/13 at 10:44 AM (5089)
  • Adam Reply

    Interesting suggestions. Thanks for the feedback.

    We do, currently, integrate with the Google Adwords API. We pull spend data daily. We don't show specific ad data currently, but we do show keyword-level data.

    On Bing and other networks - It's been periodically requested, and we did have it in an earlier version of the Portal. But the features were so poorly used we have not maintained them (the APIs update constantly)... We are open to bringing other networks online again if there is significant demand...

    02/01/13 at 12:25 PM (5095)
  • Chad Reply

    Regarding Adwords, we decided early on that we didn't want to be in the business of recreating the adwords interface. The carnage of failed companies that attempted it is a mile long. You can't out Google Google. We really wanted to focus on pulling the performance and lead info (spend, calls/leads). That being said, it would be great to add in some ad performance info at some point so thanks for requesting it.

    02/01/13 at 06:06 PM (5101)
  • Adam Reply

    Great point Chad. I remember those sessions back in Arlington fondly. But glad we didn't go down that rabbit hole.

    02/01/13 at 06:29 PM (5103)