HubShout SEM System Release Notes

Admin Navigation Update - Release Filter

  • Chad Reply

    Today we are rolling out a usability tweak to make it easier to navigate our dashboard. We spoke with seven resellers who found the "release filter" difficult to understand. The specifically told us it was confusing to click Admin and have the system take them to different places based on their prior activity.

    Our team met and came up with a few changes that should 1) make it easier for new users 2) give power users the fast navigation that they want.

    Now when someone selects Admin, they will always see the SEO Scorecard view of the Admin screen. We added a new option in the header area called Last Campaign. Last Campaign will take you to the Campaign Details screen for the Last Campaign that you viewed. See the screenshot below.

    Thanks again to our seven resellers who volunteered their time to identify this issue.

    08/10/17 at 12:56 PM (23284)