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AdWords Airport Targeting

  • Paul Reply

    AdWords lets you target over 350 airports by location which I think is a really cool way, especially around the holidays, to reach travelers.

    I think this is a great opportunity for obvious clients such as restaurants, hotels, car rentals, and the like. But why stop there?

    Some other applications I have thought of are:

    - Games: Bored kids (and parents!) could use something to kill time while waiting for a flight.

    - Luggage: A great time to put a new product in front of a potential customer is while he is dragging around that old beat up suitcase he has been meaning to replace.

    - Languages: Online translators and language learning products will move to the forefront of a traveler's mind once he arrives in a country where he does not speak the native tongue.

    - Events: Let people know what's going on nearby! Promote special events and local sight-seeing destinations directly to new arrivals who are looking for some fun.

    Your turn to add to the list!

    To read more about this feature, here is the link to the AdWords help page:

    12/12/12 at 11:28 AM (4340)
  • Matt Reply

    That is a great tool. I imagine Google will extrapolate and do a rinse and repeat for other venues.

    12/13/12 at 09:59 AM (4356)
  • Josh Reply

    [quote]Matt said: That is a great tool. I imagine Google will extrapolate and do a rinse and repeat for other venues.


    I was thinking along the same lines while reading the description. Definitely pretty neat though.

    12/14/12 at 09:46 AM (4359)
  • Chad F Reply

    This is a real great targeting feature whith many possible ad on feauture in the future I hope.

    12/14/12 at 10:23 AM (4361)
  • Dave Reply

    Even for restaurants in the airports themselves. Can you imagine seeing an ad with coupons for a specific restaurant while waiting during a layover? I would certainly be more likely to spend my money there!

    12/14/12 at 11:06 AM (4365)
  • Jenna Reply

    I like that you brought this capability to everyone's attention, Paul. Nearby events and restaurants especially seem like great things to target on an airline/airport's site.

    12/17/12 at 10:12 AM (4371)
  • Carissa Reply

    intriguing.... great insight Paul on other uses for this targeting. I think that Matt is right on with google taking even further...geographic and behavior targeting combined.

    12/17/12 at 03:17 PM (4375)
  • Matt Reply

    If I were Google, I would target Movie theaters. People seem to use their phone there more than anywhere else. lol.

    12/17/12 at 03:45 PM (4376)