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3 Clever Ideas to Get More Local Citations

  • Paul Reply

    These ideas have been "sneakily" stolen from this article:

    Here are my three favorite ideas from the article to build local citations:

    1. Host or sponsor local events at locations with high authority local sites.

    2. Get on local .edu domains by offering students scholarships, internships, and awards

    3. Post job openings on local job websites.

    Are there any strategies you use that this article missed?

    12/17/12 at 11:43 AM (4372)
  • Matt Reply

    Paul, that is good advise for small business owners. It is a matter of being creative. I would also look for groups or organizations that may want to offer your service at a discount as a benefit. In other words, offer 10% off to all members of a teachers union.

    12/18/12 at 06:54 AM (4385)