Internet Marketing

“The Power of Sharing in the Internet Economy”

  • Lisa Reply

    Thought I’d “share” this article on how internet marketing & the economic climate are changing our ideas about consumption. (Rent-a-Swag, anyone?)

    Do you think this is really a new concept or have we always been buying the benefit and not the product itself?

    I’d also be interested in hearing your thoughts about how this trend affects the level of intellectual property theft & trademark infringement.

    12/05/12 at 01:44 PM (4220)
  • Chris Reply

    Cool article Lisa, and from a financial magazine :)

    I don't think its an accident that sharing is a front end effect of "the internet". A similar sentiment is built into the foundation of the internet. Not just the idea of free and open exchange, but the actual hardware, software and architectural pioneers have all thrived with this philosophy. From the very beginning, developers that openly shared their code, ideas and solutions have been more successful than even proprietary giants like Microsoft.

    My (and many others) favored development platform is LAMP. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This combo of operating system, web server, database and programming language is 100% open-source. No one "owns" them. They are shared, updated and watched over by a world-wide army of fanatical supporters. Its pretty amazing to be a part of, and something that just couldn't happen unless everyone involved felt the same way about sharing.

    12/05/12 at 02:43 PM (4221)
  • Matt Reply

    Sharing woks on the internet because people are looking for information first. Once you share with them, you just have to hope that they think of you when they are looking to buy.

    12/05/12 at 02:48 PM (4222)